Sinead’Loi is a Twi’Lik, a charming, smuggler at her best, but she wasn’t always such a charmer. When she was young and happy, her parents worked with the rebels and remaining Jedi, smuggling anything they needed, mostly weapons and Kyber crystals. Sometimes Sinead would even tag along on her parent’s missions. The Empire finally caught up to them and killed her parents. Sinead broke away from the Empire and lived on the streets, begging for a year or so.

At the age of 15, she was kidnapped and forced a slave, dancing. She danced for some of the richest and biggest names in the Outer Rim. She never left a place she was forced to dance for empty handed.

After a dance show, she escaped as she was being transported at the age of 22. She befriended a pilot that taught her a lot of what she knows today. She ran with the pilot for a few years, doing tedious jobs for little pay. One day, the pilot just vanished and now she’s back trying to fend for herself in the Outer Rim.


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