Kor Vis'Tar

A Chevin who learns the importance of family.


Kor, much like the rest of the Chevin race, loves money and power. When Kor came of age he sold his family’s belongs. while they were at work, to buy a transport off of his homeworld of Vinsoth. Kor killed the pilot after he got off planet and sold the ship and it’s cargo to buy a bigger ship.

Kor spent the next 100 years learning how to be a trader and a smuggler. He was always good at negotiating legitimate trade deals, but he wasn’t the best smuggler.

After the Galactic Empire was formed his business finally picked up. He received good work from the Empire transporting Wookies off of Kashyyyk to be sold into slavery. After one successful shipment of wookies, Kor found a baby wookie left over in one of the crates. Kor decided then and there that he would keep this baby wookie and train him to do the books for his business. He named this wookie Vakchawca. Vak is the Chevin word for slave and Chawca roughly translates to “One who is to dumb to make money”.

After purchasing two droids to help with his work, Kor borrowed 50000 credits from Teemo the Hut to send Vakchawca to college. Teemo has decided to collect.

Kor Vis'Tar

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